The City School Boys & Girls Scouts’ Camporee took place at the picturesque Takia Scouting Camp in Abbottabad, marking an exciting three-day adventure filled with training activities designed to shape young minds and foster personal growth:

Personal Development: Participants embarked on a journey of self-discovery, honing essential life skills and boosting self-confidence.

Outdoor Activities: Nature enthusiasts got a chance to connect through camping, hiking and map reading.

Community Development: A sense of social responsibility was instilled through community development projects, nurturing compassionate citizens.

Survival Skills: Invaluable lessons in first aid and emergency response equipped the attendees to tackle unexpected challenges.

Creative Expression: The citizens also enjoyed folk dance, music, and drama, as a way to express themselves artistically.

The Scouts program is renowned for molding leaders, cultivating an openness to new opportunities, and nurturing responsible citizens. The camp also offers nationally and internationally recognized certificates, which not only make for a compelling addition to college applications but also open doors to scholarships and future opportunities for the students.




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