Grade 6-8

Nurturing a
Champion Mind

Grade 6-8

We would describe our highly successful schools for young people in Years 6, 7 and 8 as inviting, supportive, and safe places, where students experience consistent and joyful teaching and learning.

We provide a broad and balanced education for our students that meets with the expectations and objectives of both the UK and Pakistan curriculums. Our teachers take pride in promoting in-depth learning and in ensuring our students’ academic success in all areas of the curriculum.

Usually, in March in Year 8, our students will opt for the Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) programmes. The final O-level (Ordinary level) exams are taken in Year 11 on conclusion of the three-year programme. Some students may prefer to choose our Matric programme and take their final Matric exams in Year 10.

Sometimes students do meet with some additional academic challenges, and we are not unmindful of that. Our strategies in such cases include individualised support and learning plans. In addition, our high standard of academic planning and careful selection of faculty ensure our students’ intellectual, physical and emotional well-being needs are met and that our students experience academic growth as well as intellectual and personal fulfilment.

We aim to assist our students in their academic and social development and in their emotional well-being by focusing on the teaching and learning of values, through our TCS Values programme, and on the active partnership of the student and his or her parents and teachers. This creates a continuity of learning at school and at home.

Academics are, of course, our priority but are only one aspect of a child’s education. Sports and co-curricular activities are others. We offer, and encourage voluntary participation in a diverse range of clubs, sports, and additional activities in the afternoons and on weekends.

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