Opportunity that
defines your career


The City School has a legacy of producing brilliant matriculation results throughout the country.

Our dedicated faculty and holistic curriculum are the key to our success. We also provide students with opportunities to thrive in their passions for sports, music, and drama. Our Alumni include a long list of professional persons including doctors, engineers, lawyers, sportsmen, architects, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.

The curriculum usually includes a combination of eight courses, including electives (such as Biology, Chemistry, Computing and Physics) as well as compulsory subjects (such as Mathematics, English, Urdu, Islamic studies and Pakistan Studies).

Key Features of Our Matriculation Programme

  • Admissions to leading Engineering & Medical Universities
  • High Achievers in Board Examinations
  • Development of reading and writing skills
  • Competitive sports activities throughout the year
  • Role Play – Developing confidence and leadership qualities
  • English language as a preferred medium of exchange