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One of the largest
private school networks
across the globe


Established in Karachi in 1978, The City School is today one of the largest private school networks across the globe.

With more than 500 schools and over 150,000 students, we continue to expand our reach in other countries including the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, the Philippines, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, to meet the demands for quality education as well as to ensure a strong global presence.

The knowledge and skills-based curriculum derived from the UK national curriculum guides students from Nursery to Cambridge International Examinations (CAIE), qualifying them for the IGCSE, and O and A Level examinations.



Our Philosophy
Continuous human resource development

Our Goal
Academic excellence

Our Commitment
Total satisfaction

Our Culture

Group Chairperson

Message from the Board

Group Chairperson

“At The City School, our motto is “I am to Learn” because we believe that learning is limitless. We aim to develop each one of our students into true learners, individuals who always seek to broaden their perspective and face life’s challenges with courage and conviction.

For us, education is a pursuit that goes far beyond qualification and we ensure that our teachers, staff members and students along with parents work together to achieve this goal.”

Dr. Farzana – Group Chairperson


Head Office


Chief Operating Officer

Muhammad Usman Amjad

Director Strategy and Planning
Jawad Bin Shabbir (Group Head HR)

Jawad Bin Shabbir

Group Head HR
Khalid Bajwa

Khalid Bajwa

Head of Design & Construction
Rashed Muhammad

Rashed Muhammad

Head of IT
Syed Riaz Mehmood

Syed Riaz Mehmood

GM Taxation

Malik Attiq-ur-Rehman

Head of Administration
Head of Counselling, Alumni & Placement Services (CAPS)

Rabia Sohail

Head of Counselling, Alumni & Placement Services (CAPS)

Usman Ahmad

Head of Audit and Compliance

Northern Region

Sabahat Khan Tatari

Sabahat Khan Tatari

Regional Director

Azra Tahir

Network Partner – Cluster 1

Mehwish Shaukat

Network Partner – Cluster 2

Syeda Rahat Jahan Agha

Network Partner – Cluster 3

Murad Khattak

Network Partner – Cluster 4

Central Region

Attiya Fatima Rashid

Attiya Fatima Rashid

Regional Director
Aamir Murtaza


Assistant Regional Director
Qasim Zia

Qasim Zia

Director Operation

Rukhsana Tariq

Network Partner - Lahore

Sofia Burki

Network Partner - Gujranwala

Faisal Yazdani

Network Partner - South Punjab A

Hassan Raza Faisal

Network Partner - South Punjab B

Ada Jaffery

Network Partner - Jhang and Joharabad

Southern Region

Kashif Khan

Khan Kashif Khan

Regional Director
Rehana Afzal

Rehana Afzal

Assistant Regional Director
Tazeen Ahad

Tazeen Ahad

Assistant Regional Director

Tasneem Rajbhoy

Network Partner – Cluster 1

Bushra Afaq

Network Partner – Cluster 2

Sabrina Altaf

Network Partner – Cluster 3

Gulrukh Ahmed

Network Partner – Cluster 4

Fayza Nayab

Network Partner – Cluster 5

Saaima Nazir

Network Partner - Bolan

Nuzhat Jabeen

Network Partner - Mehran
Maryum Imran

Maryum Imran

Director Studies
John George Richard Proctor

John George Richard Proctor

Head of Language & Literacy Enhancement (LLE)
Irum Yousuf

Irum Yousuf

Head of Centre for Educational Professional Development (CEPD)
Aqeel Farooq

Aqeel Farooq

Head of Examination & Assessment (A & E)
Saeema Khan

Saeema Khan

Head of Language Development Department (LDD)
Wajiha Daud

Wajiha Daud

Head of SIQA

Salman Yasin

Assistant Director SIQA and Senior Phase Leader A Level Nationwide

Fariha Usman

Phase Leader- EYE

Our Values

Our Values

We have moved with times, but we have not lost sight of our values and traditions.
At The City School we genuinely believe in educating “the whole child” so we provide our students with every opportunity to discover and build upon their strengths.

We also expect them to face up to the challenges of an economically globalized and socially changing world – one in which they will have to take their place as independent, responsible citizens.

Our 12 core values are:


Curriculum & Academics Philosophy

The City School has consistently maintained its standards and is viewed as a benchmark for excellence. Our commitment to provide a holistic quality education is at the core of everything we do.

We have a lowest student – teacher ratio, which ensures that every child gets the required attention and customized plan according to their needs. We guide our students from their Early Years all the way till their Cambridge International Examination (CAIE).

Our curriculum bolsters curiosity, critical thinking and creativity assuring that our students have the knowledge, skillset and values to prosper in their future.

Currently, our students are amongst the highest achievers on national and international levels. Our strength lies in continuous development and the integration of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in an array of learning programmes shows our conscientious efforts in that regard.

Moreover, we provide 120+ courses each year across the grade levels and enhance them in according to the cumulative experience of teachers and all the stakeholders. 

Our Journey


The City School established in Karachi

  • PAF Chapter – First Flagship Campus in Karachi
  • Collaboration with The University of Strathclyde, UK for Teachers’ Training
  • Celebrated Silver Jubilee
  • Enrolled 50,000 Students

Established the first International School in Dubai, UAE


Launch of International School in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

  • Launch of International School in Sharjah, UAE; Academia De Pulilan School in Bulacan, Philippines; The City Kindergarten in Shah Alam, Malaysia
  • Launch of The Smart Schools

Launch of Ibn Khaldoun Private School in Muscat, Oman


Enrolled 100,000 Students

  • Launch of The Smart College
  • Launch of Tadika Twinkle Star School in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Launch of ALPHA School in UAE and Pakistan

  • Selected as Microsoft Showcase Schools
  • Enrolled more than 5000 students Internationally
  • Launch of Cedar School International in Dubai, UAE
  • Launch of International School in Dammam, Saudi Arabia
  • Launch of International School in Karachi
  • Celebrating 45 Years of Academic Excellence

Corporate Social Responsibility

We, at The City School believe in nurturing a responsible future generation and thus, as an organization, we hold CSR at the heart of all our initiatives.

Giving back to society through ethical and sustainable operations is a reflection of our vision which enables us to engage our students and employees in actively serving the community. Under our ‘Together We Grow’ campaign, The City School initiated numerous community service activities which include but are not limited to the following:

Go Green Initiative

Go Green Initiative​

We are no strangers to the effect of climate change on our environment. Every year, majority cities combat smog and dangerous air quality levels that continue to have damaging effects on health.

With our ‘Together We Grow’ movement, The City School students have pledged to protect the environment to undo the effects of climate change. Our students are engaged in massive tree plantations across the country in collaboration with Clean Green Champion Programme by the Prime Minister, Punjab Horticulture Authority (PHA) and Waste Management Authority (WMA). Apart from our school premises, TCS students have conducted effective tree plantation activities in public parks, streets and fields and their efforts have been applauded by government officials on multiple occasions.

To achieve our mission of a cleaner Pakistan, The City School celebrates ‘Earth Day’ every year where at the same time, students across the country participate in a local city clean-up and placement of dustbins at public locations.

Exploring Cleaner Sources of Energy

Solar Panels

We, at The City School, believe it is the moral responsibility of every citizen and organization to move towards sustainable and cleaner sources of energy. Our mission of sustainability and reduced dependence on non-renewable energy sources is reinstated through our “Project Cool” that is aimed at installing renewable energy sources like solar panels at our campuses to minimize air pollution and greenhouse gases.


The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. 
– Pablo Picasso

At The City School, we prioritize instilling values such as selflessness and empathy in our students. As an institute, we regularly collaborate with The Government of Punjab’s Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department to provide books, computers, furniture and other stationery items to the less fortunate schools and students especially in rural areas.

These schools are also provided renovation services to ensure a hospitable learning environment for our students. Our students are committed to spending time at orphanages and old-age homes as part of their community service hours. We are grateful to our students, parents, teachers and management for continuing to value this spirit of caring for the underprivileged.

Paperless Work Environment

Paperless Work Environment

As an organization we are always looking for new and efficient ways to optimize operations. Having a paperless work environment is hence one of our top priorities in the coming years. Digital alternatives to paper provide easier access to data, ensure confidentiality and most importantly reduce the carbon footprint for our planet- something The City School is openly advocating for.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

The City School ensures:

  • To provide safe & secure environment for all students
  • Trained campus security teams
  • Arrival and departure safety protocols
  • Regular emergency drills
Compliance with all safety requirements are strictly monitored by our Department of School Improvement and Quality Assurance (SIQA).

School Improvement & Quality Assurance (SIQA)

The City School has had a well-established system of school inspections since 2002. Over time, the frameworks and processes for assuring quality evolved, leading to the development of a contextualised framework for SIQA, in line with international best practices.

  • Our primary focus at SIQA is to ensure that all our schools are self-improving schools; evidence-based, valid, and reliable self-evaluation informs improvement planning, leading the schools to be centres of academic excellence, and the school leadership to exhibit strong internal capacity to make year-on-year improvements.
  • SIQA runs a partnership model with the school leadership, in order to guide and support them in embedding self-evaluation in their school’s routines for informed decision-making. The SIQA Partners act as critical friends; providing challenge and support to the school leaders in order to develop their capacity in gaining insights into how well their schools are performing and taking targeted steps towards improvement, eventually contributing to improved student outcomes.
  • SIQA is committed to carrying out school visits for quality assurance in the spirit of collaboration, trust, and confidence, and to working with members of the school community in a climate of mutual respect.
  • SIQA Partners aim to leave the staff of each school feeling that they have gained from the experience of visits by way of the professional dialogues with the SIQA Partners and the joint learning walks undertaken during the course of each visit, thus providing a valuable contribution to the school’s strategy for improvement.
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