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The City School is an English speaking school system and all instruction is in English in every school.

To hire the highest quality teachers, our teacher recruitment process requires an English Language Proficiency Test. For this purpose, we require all of our academic and non-academic faculty to take English Language Assessment. These on-line tests examine English speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiency. You can prepare for these tests using the links below, which we highly recommend.

iTEP Academic-Plus/Business-Plus Structure

In each section, examinees will encounter content and questions targeted to varying levels of proficiency.

A   Grammar (Structure) — 10 minutes/ two parts

Part 1.    Thirteen fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice questions testing the examinee’s familiarity with key features of English structure; questions range from beginner to advanced.

Part 2.    Twelve multiple-choice questions where the examinee selects the part of speech with incorrect English structure; questions range from elementary to advanced


B   Listening — 20 minutes/ three parts

Part 1.    Four high-beginning to low-intermediate level short conversations of two to three sentences, each followed by one multiple-choice question.



Part 2.    One two- to three-minute intermediate-level conversation, followed by four multiple-choice questions.


Part 3.    One four-minute upper-level lecture, followed by six multiple-choice questions.


C   Reading — 20 minutes/ two parts

Part 1.    One intermediate-level passage of about 250 words in length, followed by four multiple-choice questions.



Part 2.    One upper-level paragraph of about 450 words in length, followed by six multiple-choice questions.


D   Writing — 25 minutes/ two parts

Part 1.    The examinee is given five minutes to write a 50-75 word note on a supplied topic, geared to the low-intermediate level.

Part 2.    The examinee is given 20 minutes to write a 175-225 word piece expressing and supporting his or her opinion on an upper-level written topic.



E    Speaking — 5 minutes/ two parts (plus one minute warm-up section)

Part 1.    The examinee hears and reads a short question geared to low-intermediate level, then has 30 seconds to prepare a spoken response and 45 seconds to speak.

Part 2.    The examinee hears a brief upper-level statement presenting two sides of an issue, then is asked to express his or her thoughts on the topic, with 45 seconds to prepare and 60 seconds to speak.