Young Professionals’ Day 2017

At the beginning of the admission period 2017-18, team Chenab Campus has already drawn in large numbers of parents and the local community with their celebration of Professionals Day.

An awesome presentation on professions was produced by the stars of the Pre Juniors of Chenab Campus, on Thursday, 2nd February 2017. Students dressed up in the style of the professions, which they had learnt in their KUWA lessons. They started with a TV show, role play and a fantastic song presentation.

Different professionals from the parent body and community including the fire brigade, waste management, chefs from the Serena and traffic wardens were invited to share some happy moments with the young ones which were equally enjoyed by the parents as well. Our young learners shared their questions with professionals which were answered with interesting stories and a sense of fun.

After this presentation the guests took part in a round of role play where the children performed the roles of the community helpers, which gave them awareness of many different professions. The event was a great success and was much appreciated by the parents.