Young Business Minds 2014

With red carpets rolled out to receive the guests, the Entrepreneur Young Business Minds 2014 organised by the Senior Boys Section of Darakhshan Campus on 27 November 2014 was a huge success. The Commerce teachers had setup a task for their students; the businessmen of tomorrow were to come up with innovative ideas, promote them and sell it to the buyers.

Young Business Minds 2014 (4)

Print outs, flyers and flex were put up days ago to draw the attention of potential buyers. Invitation cards were sent to other sections for a welcome and to make them witness young businesses at work. The Principal, Vice-Principal, and Heads of all sections and parents were present at the event.


The mouth-watering food and drinks were both tempting to look at and tantalising for the taste buds. Cheese twisters, chocolate pops, ice chocolate, and ice cream shakes were a few of them. While some business minds came up with the cuisines, others turned to technology, apparel and accessories. With their taste buds satisfied, the customers turned to other attractions. Some of these were selfie sticks, nail art, privacy control glasses, ‘get your own print’ shirts, ‘All-in-One’ cinema bucket, sea shell accessories, tags, chains, and much more.


The students were swarming at the stalls and every stall experienced huge sales. It was not surprising at all since the products were marketed well and priced decently. Later on orders flooded in for the products to be delivered the next day. The strategies coupled with well-versed sales pitch and the affability of the business students led to this success. It was fun for all who entered through the welcoming gates.