World Women’s Day

The City School Chiniot Branch celebrated World Women’s Week from Monday, 9 March to Thursday, 12 March 2015. Different school activities were held throughout the week.

The activities culminated with World Women’s Day held on Thursday, 12 March and mothers were invited to join the celebration. They were given the opportunity to participate in numerous classroom activities along with their children. The mother child duo completed different activities such as making a collage with pictures of famous women, making frames, and creating cards.

Later on, a documentary about inspiring women from around the world was shown, followed by a presentation on empowering women. Afterwards students demonstrated the roles that women play by dressing up in uniforms of different professions women are in.

At the end, the mothers, teachers, and the Headmistress shared their experiences and achievements. The event came to a close with students giving cards to their mothers, expressing their love and gratitude.