Women’s Day Celebration

Students from Playgroup to Class 2 participated in the Women’s Day celebrations held at The City School D G Khan Campus.

Playgroup students made special cards on the theme ‘My Mother, My Inspiration.’  The colourful cards, with hearts on top, were made using crayons.  The efforts of the students were not only appreciated by the mothers, but also by their teachers.

Nursery and Kindergarten students dressed up like their mothers and did a role play depicting the responsibilities of their mothers and the chores that they do throughout the day.  Students could be seen cooking on a toy stove in a toy kitchen, applying makeup in front of a dressing table, and putting their dolls to sleep.

Students of Classes 1 and 2 participated by dressing up according to the professions they would opt for in the future.  They also gave a brief description of their chosen professionals such as doctors, soldiers, pilots and businessmen.