Winter Carnival held at Chenab Campus

The much-awaited Winter Carnival was held at Chenab Campus on Friday, 20 November 2015. The carnival is held every year with great enthusiasm and a lot of fun and frolic. Mouth-watering food, games, exciting prizes and fun time with friends and dear ones made the day unforgettable.


Students visited the festival with their families as it was open to all. The carnival was inaugurated by Ms Amna Aurengzeb (RMM) and she was full of praise for the marvellous efforts put in by the staff and students of Chenab Campus.

The rickshaw ride for the Chief Guest, soon after the opening by Green House, was indeed enthralling. A very special area catering to the interests of kids was put up by Blue House. Children were hovering around the play area throughout the day. Henna and face painting added glamour to the fiesta. Red House captured the attention of the guests with their colourful displays.


The event was entirely managed by Housemistresses and senior students. The enthusiasm and vigour with which they prepared for the day revealed their deep association with the house system.