Wilderness Survival Training At The City School

Adventure Hospitality (The Youth Programmes) is proud to announce that The City School held its first ever Wilderness Survival Training at the Sports Complex on 11 April 2015. The event was conducted by Touristan, a group of young and ambitious individuals encouraging the youth to explore Pakistan and its hidden gems. The aim of the workshop was to evoke a sense of passion in the students of A Level Gulberg Campus and to encourage them to head out and participate in thrilling activities such as trips to the northern areas and adventure sports such as paragliding, mountain climbing and skiing. The students were given a know-how of basic survival through activities that taught them how to light a fire, how to set up a camp, how to filter water using charcoal, etc. The students were awarded certificates at the end whereas the Guests of Honour Mr Tahir Imran Khan, Mr Mir Manzar Elahi and Dr Abdul Jabbar Bhatti were handed souvenirs as a token of appreciation. Stay tuned to find out about the exciting trips Adventure Hospitality will be organising for The City School students in the summer!