Iqbal Campus promotes activities which allow its students and staff to enjoy themselves in a relaxed environment. To start a new session in high spirits, a fun-filled Welcome evening was arranged on 19 September 2014 for A Level staff and students.

Welcome Evening  (6) 

The event started with recitation from the Holy Quran. A formal welcome speech was delivered by Principal Ms Attia Nusrat.  The evening was full of entertaining performances including a dance by A-2 students and a moving duet by Wajahat Mirza (A-I-C) and Mishal Waseem (A-II-T).  All the boys were wearing black and all the girls were in red.

Students worked in groups as organisers for the event, such Creative Team, Art Team, Media Team, Security Team, and Operational Team. The success of the event was proof that their efforts had paid off.

At the end, a formal dinner was served.