Values Showcasing at Gulshan Boys Campus A


Value systems are the essential preconditions of a civilised society. Values Education has been an integral part of The City School system for the past couple of years. In order to inculcate all these essential values in our students, we at The City School endeavour and allocate one period a week to this education.
This year, after a long period of routine studies and daily hectic schedules, a mega event Values Showcasing was organised by Gulshan Boys Campus A. The main objective of this event was to recapitulate the values taught to them in the classroom and to display the same through various performances and activities. Parents were invited to witness and enjoy their children’s performances.

The anchors were Faizan-ul-Kareem from 8-O, Mohsin from 8-N, Amanullah and Muaz from 8-N. The programme started with the recitation of Quranic verses followed by the singing of the national anthem and the school song. There were several performances by the students of Classes 7 and 8 including speeches informing the parent about Cooperation and Tolerance, a role play on Happiness and Respect, tableaus on Responsibility and Love, acts on Tolerance and Cooperation, Qawwali, and a Sufi song on Love and Respect etc. There were some English songs too, sung by the school choir. At the end of the programme, shields were distributed to the winners of the inter-class contests held at the campus since the beginning of the session.
Class 7 students did a good job with their maths project on Number Sequence, based on the values of Cooperation and Responsibility. They presented their project to the parents who asked question related to the project and appreciated it.

A Bake Sale was also organised by Class 8 students as part of their maths project on Profit and Loss and to help the earthquake victims. Parents were invited to watch and provide their valuable input.
Students participated enthusiastically in all activities, especially the bake sale as it gave them a chance to help generously for a noble cause.
All in all, the program was enthralling and became a great success. Parents were content to see their children performing on stage confidently.