Urdu Language Project by Darakhshan Girls

On 28 October 2014, an event organised by the Senior Girls Section at Darakhshan Campus created a wave of excitement among the students and the faculty members. A simple Urdu Language project was transformed into an absolutely surprising event for everyone on campus. The girls were tasked with writing Urdu scripts and, to add to the fun, also told to act out their written pieces on stage.

Urdu Language Project by Darakhshan Girls (10)

Considering the limited exposure of these teenage girls in mind, their scripts covered multiple genres commendably. In short, the various facets of human life were represented within two and half hours’ time. Their skits represented our moral and cultural values beyond the norms, which are, unfortunately, ignored features of our society.

The students showed great enthusiasm in their research and performances which indeed were a tremendous effort on their part. The event, besides providing them with an opportunity to showcase their talent, also facilitated them in exploring the beauty of the Urdu language in terms of vocabulary and pronunciation.

The firsthand experience was indubitably a great learning process which will, hopefully, contribute effectively in lifting their level of confidence and refining their individual personalities.