Senior Boys Section Darakhshan Campus organised a relief expedition to help the famine affected people of Thar. The expedition was headed by President of the Unite and Serve Society Mohammad Yahaya, along with his team members Usman Adil, Amman Ullah Waris, Mohammad Ali and Hubaish Raza. Together the team collected over three hundred thousand rupees (Rs300,000/-) to arrange food supplies for the people of Thar.

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They were able to purchase enough stock for two villages. The care packages consisted of 10kgs of flour and rice, 6 large water bottles, tea and sugar packets, ghee, dry milk, sweets and other items. The five students personally went to Thar to distribute the supplies. Instead of tossing the supplies from the back of the truck, they distributed it equally among everyone. The success of the relief expedition was evident in the smiles and prayers of the people of Thar. The Unite and Serve Society is planning further relief efforts to help as many people as possible.