Triumph at the LGS Art Noveau 2017

A team from The City School RAVI A Level participated and swayed its competitors at LGS JT Art Noveau ’17 by winning accolades. It was a mega event offering various challenging music, art and writing contests where students from all across Lahore participated.


Our following brilliant young stars made us brilliantly proud:


Sr. No. Name Class Category & Award
1 Usama Nadeem A 2 1st position in Eastern Singing
2 Casper William A 1 1st position in Instrumental Category

Won the title of ‘Best Guitarist’

3 Momina Munir A 1 2nd position Western Singing
4 Momal Ahmad A 1 1st position in Essay Writing
5 Momal Ahmed and Alia Pirzada A 1 2nd position in literature quiz
6 Maryam Baig A 2 2nd position in Replica Art