Trip to Salt Mines and Kallar Kahar

The City School Alpha Campus organised a trip to Khewra Salt Mines and Kallar Kahar for its O and A Level students on 15 January 2016.
It was the first trip for Alpha Campus so everyone, including the faculty, was ecstatic. The foggy day started with a low temperature, but as the day progressed rays of sunshine finally took over. The first destination was the salt mines, approximately a 2-hour drive from Lahore. Then the students and faculty went to the Kallar Kahar resort, which was a 90-minute ride from there.
The Khewra Salt Mines, a major tourist attraction, are Pakistan’s largest and oldest salt mines and the world’s second largest. A tour guide had arranged a visit of the salt mines on an electronic train. Everybody thoroughly enjoyed the bumpy ride. The mines comprise water caves and monuments of Minar-e-Pakistan and Badshahi Masjid made out of salt. Students bought souvenirs such as salt lamps and decoration pieces made out of salt.
After spending a few hours at the mines, they went to the Kallar Kahar resort. Students enjoyed their mini picnic and the thrilling rides. Refreshments were provided to the students at regular intervals to keep their energy levels up.