The City School working with The Government of Pakistan

The City School organised a one-day conference on Values-based Education in collaboration with The Government of Pakistan on Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 at the Prime Minister’s House, Islamabad. The City School has a unique Values-based approach to education, embedding values across and within the curriculum on a daily basis. The conference promoted the concept of teaching and learning values contributing to  “Shaping Educational Landscapes” and how TCS contributes to society through instilling twelve core values amongst its students.

The Prime Minister  expressed the desire to build  on the success of the Government’s Youth Programme and to adopt new initiatives to improve key competencies, uphold common values and increase in  students awareness of the importance of an empathising society. In addition he seeks to add  to the skills base of the youth of Pakistan.

So, this event was a ground-breaking collaboration between The City School and the Government of Pakistan. The Conference highlighted the 12 fundamental values integrated in The City School’s curriculum – co-operation, honesty, love, responsibility, respect, unity, humility, simplicity, freedom, peace, tolerance, happiness. The importance of values integration in education was the focal point.

The conference was also graced by the Prime Minister, the Education Minister Mr Baligh Ur Rehman and Chairperson – The City School – with an audience not only of European Diplomats but also experts from the private and public sectors from across the country who share an equal interest in the further moral development of young people for the social and economic future of Pakistan.