The City School selected for Microsoft Showcase School Programme – Incubator Path

Three of The City School’s campuses (PAF Chapter, Darakhshan Campus and Gulshan Campus A), have been selected for the Microsoft Showcase School Programme – Incubator Path.

 Globally 366 schools have achieved this status.

These three campuses of The City School will now be transformed into Microsoft Showcase Schools, which is an exceptional status to achieve.  Currently there are only two schools in Pakistan which hold this status. The City School is the first private school network in Pakistan, to achieve it within the first year of an institutional partnership with Microsoft.

The members of the programme are distinguished by their commitment to school-wide transformation, and they have leveraged Microsoft’s Education Transformation Framework to drive a culture of learning, innovation and continuous improvement. Their hard work is reflected in improved learning outcomes for their students and an increased focus on future-ready skills.

Additionally, The City School’s dedication to education transformation has allowed these campuses to effectively manage the transition to remote and hybrid learning scenarios, during the current COVID-19 crisis.

The selection of these schools was to ensure proximity to the EDTECH department to guarantee conformity to the criteria described by Microsoft. The target of these 3 schools is to become Microsoft Showcase School by January 2021 and the majority of The City School campuses will join the Incubator Pathway by March 2021.

This achievement will be a major step towards The City School’s transformation into a STREAM centric educational institution.

A campus is required to renew the Showcase School status every year and there is also a retention criteria defined by Microsoft.