The City School Pakistan Campuses

CitySchool NameClass LevelSchool AddressTelephoneEmailGenderRegion
AbbottabadThe City School, Abbottabad CampusP.G - O LevelNext to UBL Main Branch and opposite Chen-One, Main Supply Bazaar Road Region
AbbottabadThe City Nursery Abbottabad PG - Class 2House No. 407, Street No 3, Jinnahabad- Abbottabad Region
AttockAttock Campus
PG - O Level & MatricKamra Road, Near Takbeer Colony Attock City
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057-2703577, Region
BahawalpurBahawalpur Campus
PG to Class 11, A-Level & MatricYazman Road, Bahawalpur062-2023196-98
062-2202063 To Class 5 & A Level (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 & Matric (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
BahawalpurThe City Nursery, Bahawalpur
PG to Class 2Noor Mahal Road, Dubai Chowk Behind Circuit House, Bahawalpur 062-2874912
062-2876914 region
BannuBannu CampusPG - O LevelKatchry Road, Sokari Karim-Bannu0928-620353, Region
BurewalaBurewala Campus
PG to Class 11Bangla Canal Link Chichawatni Road Burewala
View Map To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
ChakwalChakwal Campus
PG - O Level Near Murid Airbase, Talagang Road, Chakwal
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ChashmaChashma Nursery
PG - Class 5Gernali Road, Near Green Lagon Hotel, Kundian-Chashma
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D.G. KhanD.G Khan Campus
PG to Class 11 & MatricNew Defence View Housing Society, Jampur Road near Indus University, Dera Ghazi Khan064-2404617
064-2404608 to Class 5 (Co-Education) Class 6 - 11 & Matric (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls)Central region
D.G. KhanThe City Nursery, Civil Line
PG to Class 217-18, Block 23, Civil Lines, Dera Ghazi Khan
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D.I. KhanD.I. Khan CampusP.G. - O level & MatricNear Zakori Grave Yard, Darban Road, Dera Ismail Khan0966-852165, Region
FaisalabadThe City School Junior Section, Civil Lines
P.G. to Class 5P-57/3, Bilal Street, Bilal Road, New Civil Lines, Faisalabad
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041-2409330 region
FaisalabadThe City School Junior Section, People's Colony
P.G. to Class 5House # 146-B Chen-One Road, Peoples Colony # 1, Faisalabad
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041-8730717 region
FaisalabadChenab Campus, Faisalabad
PG to Class 11, A-Level & MatricEast Canal Road, Near Raza Garden, Faisalabad
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PG to Class 2 & A Level (Co-Education), Class 3 to Class 11 & Matric (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
GujranwalaThe City Nursery, DC RoadPG to Class 211 D.C, Road Gujranwala
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GujranwalaThe City School Junior Section, Gujranwala Cantt
PG to Class 7H#CB 137, (new 79), Quaid Azam Avenue Allama Iqbal Town,
Gujranwala Cantt region
GujranwalaThe City School Junior Section, Gujranwala CanalPG to Class 5
Main Sialkot Bypass Road, Gujranwala
Co-EducationCentral region
GujranwalaGujranwala Campus
Class 6 to A LevelMain Sialkot Bypass Road, Near GIFT University, Gujranwala 055-3892475
055-3892476 Sections for
Boys & Girls
Central region
GujratGujrat Campus
PG to Class 11In front of Caltex Petrol Pump, Near Airport Chowk Bhimber Road Gujrat
View Map To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
HyderabadJinnah Campus
Class 3 to O Level, A-Level & FScPlot#201, Sehrish Nagar, Qasimabad, Hyderabad Region
HyderabadLiaquat Campus Kohsar
PG to Class 11 & FScPlot No. 505 & 506, Kohsar Housing Scheme, Phase-V, Airport Road, Hyderabad
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HyderabadNursery Branch (Latifabad)PG, Nur & KGPlot No. A-17, Beside: BBQ Tonight, Main Road, Latifabad, Region
HyderabadPre Junior Branch Latifabad
Class 1Bungalow # A-5, Unit No. 3, Latifabad, Hyderabad Region
HyderabadJunior Branch (Latifabad)
Class 2 & 33-A/113, Unit#3, Latifabad Hyderabad
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022-2100323 Region
HyderabadNursery Branch Qasimabad

PG, Nur & KGBunglow No 8 & 12, Block II, London Town Housing Society, Qasimabad, Hyderabad.022-2102450-49 Region
HyderabadPre Junior Branch Qasimabad

Class 1 & 2A-6, Block II, London Town Near Jinnah Campus, Qasimabad Hyderabad.
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022-2102093-10 Region
IslamabadCapital Campus, Islamabad
Class 1 to A Level Pitras Bokhari Road (Near Shifa International Hospital), Sector H-8/1- Islamabad.
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051-4939280,, 1 to 6 & A-level (Co-Education), Class 7 to Class 11 (Separate Classes)North Region
IslamabadE-11 Campus
PG - O level & MatricPlot No 891, St 59, Sector E-11/3-Islamabad
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IslamabadF-8 NurseryPG - Class 5House no 34, main Margalla road F-8/3 Islamabad
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IslamabadG- 10 Nursery
P.G - Class 2H#337 main sawan road, G-10/3 Islamabad.
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IslamabadThe City Nursery, I-8/2
PG - KGHouse 21, Main Service road, Sector I-8/2-Islamabad
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IslamabadThe City Nursery, PWD
PG - KGHouse # 233-A, Block-A, Main PWD Road, PWD Housing Society, Islamabad
View Map Region
IslamabadPWD Junior
Class 1 - Class 6House # 773, Street B 3-2, Block B, Police Foundation, PWD, Islamabad
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IslamabadDHA Campus
PG - O LevelAl Hajj Sher Sakhi Tower , Gul Plaza, Opposite DHA 2, Gate 1, Islamabad.
View Map, Region
IslamabadG-15 Nursery
PG - Class 3House No 70, Main double road, Khayaban-e-Kashmir, G-15/1- Islamabad Region
JhangThe City Nursery, Civil Lines P.G to Class 23-A, Civil Lines, Jhang region
JhangJhang Campus
Class 3 to Class 11 & MatricToba Tek Singh Road, Jhang

View Map Sections for Boys and GirlsCentral region
JhelumJhelum BranchPG - Class 11Opp. ARY2 CNG Station, GT, Road Kala Gujra, region
KarachiPAF Chapter
PG to A-LevelShaheed-e-Millat Extension, Off Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi
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021- ;(A-Level)Co-EducationSouth Region
KarachiDefence Junior Campus Class 3TC 2 / I, Street 34, Khayaban - e - Rahat, Phase V, DHA, Karachi.021-3583904,
021-35155836 Region
KarachiTCN Tipu Sultan
PG - Class 214- Al Hamra Society, Tipu Sultan Road 021-34383593 021-34525922 Region
KarachiKAECHS CampusPG - Class 5House No. D-11, Block 1, Karachi Administration Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Karachi.021-34376405, 021-34376406 Region
PG - Class 2147 Q, Block 2, PECHS, Karachi.021-34526807 Region
KarachiTCN Bahadurabad PG - Class 2398/3, Block 3, Siraj-ud-Dullah Road, PECHS, Karachi.021-34938746, 021-34140711 Region
KarachiPECHS Junior A
Class 3Plot No. 419, Block 3, BYJCHS, Bahadurabad, Karachi.021-34927859, 021-34134528 Region
KarachiPECHS Junior B
Class 4154 - N, Block 2, Khushal Road PECHS.
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021-34555792, 021-34555576 Region
KarachiPECHS Junior Boys
Class 5 & 6144-C, B2, Hali Road, PECHS 021-34558463, Region
KarachiPECHS Girls CampusClass 5 to Class 11Bungalow # 2,Block 3 Dar-ul-Aman Cooperative Housing Society, Shaheed-e-millat Road, Karachi.021-34324401 Region
KarachiPECHS Boys Campus
Class 7 to Class 1115/D & 15/E, Al-Riaz Society,Near Hill Park Hospital Region
KarachiPECHS A 'Level
A-I / A-II42 T, Block 6, Dr. Mahmood Hussain Road,PECHS.021-34380006, Region
KarachiTCN Baitulmukaram
PG - Class 4E-2 Block 17, Gulshan

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021-34994994 Region
KarachiGulshan TCN I
E-124/1, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal
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021-34960218, Region
KarachiGulshan TCN II
KGE-120/1, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal
View Map Region
KarachiGulshan Junior A
Class 1E-65, Block 7 &, Gulshan - e - Iqbal, Karachi.
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021-34984058, Region
KarachiGulshan Junior B
Class 2D-165, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34960538 - Region
KarachiGulshan Junior C
Class 3E-74, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal
View Map Region
KarachiGulshan Junior D (Boys) Class 6E-14, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34991903 - OnlySouth Region
KarachiGulshan Junior Campus Class 4 & 5E-61/62, Block 7, Region
KarachiGulshan Junior F
PG to Class 6D 2 Block 13-D Gulshan021-34819965 Region
KarachiGulshan Campus C (Girls)
Class 6 - 11ST-4/A Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, OnlySouth Region
KarachiGulshan Campus A (Boys)
Class 6 to Class 11PB 6 Block B N.C.E.C.H.S Block 10-A Gulshan-e-Iqbal
View Map OnlySouth Region
KarachiGulshan Campus B
PG - Class 8PB 4 Block B N.C.E.C.H.S Block 10-A Gulshan-e-Iqbal
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021-34837634-5 / Region
KarachiGulshan A-Level
A-I / A-IIE- 21/22, Block 7, Gulshan-e-Iqbal021-34974172, Region
KarachiTCN Jauhar IPG - Class 2Bunglow No. C-6,7,33,34,35, & 36, Block-8, Gulistan-e-Jauhar ( Next to Race Course) Region
KarachiTCN Jauhar IIPG, Nur, KG# C-31 Block-16 Gulistan-e-Johar Karachi021-34020382 Region
KarachiGulistan-e-Jauhar Campus
Class 1 to O Level & MatricST-28, Block 14, Gulistan-e-Jauhar021-34661599,;Co-EducationSouth Region
KarachiGulistan-e-Jauhar Campus University RoadPG to Class 2, Class 5 - Class 7Plot 26/1 A & B , Block 1 , Gulistan-e-Johar ,Karachi021-34177577 Region
KarachiGulistan-e-Jauhar ll
Class 3 to 6Bunglow No. C-32, Block-8, Region
KarachiGulshan-e-Maymar Campus
PG to Class 8ST-02, Sector W, Sub Sector V, Gulshan-e-Maymar
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021-36350029/ Region
KarachiNorth Nazimabad The City Nursery I
PG - KGF-91, Block-F, North Nazimabad 021-36722622, Region
KarachiNorth Nazimabad Junior A
Class 1 , 2F - 102, Block F, North Nazimabad, Karachi.021- 36627712, Region
KarachiNorth Nazimabad Junior B Class 4 F-82, Block - B, North;Co-EducationSouth Region
KarachiNorth Nazimabad Junior CClass 3E-69, Block B, North Nazimabad, Karachi

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021-36670021, 36670022;Co-EducationSouth Region
KarachiNorth Nazimabad Junior DClass 5 E - 54/1, Block F, North Nazimabad, Karachi.021-36629779, 36640206
Co-EducationSouth Region
KarachiNorth Nazimabad Junior Boys
Class 6F- 73, Block B, North Nazimabad
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021- 36646552- OnlySouth Region
KarachiNorth Nazimabad Girls Campus
Class 6 to Class 11F - 126/I, Block F, North Nazimabad
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021-36647706, 36641436, OnlySouth Region
KarachiNorth Nazimabad Boys CampusClass 7 to Class 11D-28, D-29, Block 'D' North OnlySouth Region
KarachiNorth Nazimabad A LevelA Level
F - 102, Block F, North Nazimabad, Karachi.021-36641910, 36641028
Co-EducationSouth Region
KarachiF.B. Area The City Nursery I
PG to Class 1D-11, Block 11, F.B. Area Region
KarachiTCN Clifton
PG to Class 1F- 43, Block 8, Near Moti Masjid, Clifton, Karachi
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KarachiTCN Defence Campus
PG to Class 2TC 2 / II Street 34, Khayaban-e-Rahat,Phase V, DHA
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021-35344352,;Co-EducationSouth Region
KarachiDarakhshan Campus Class 4 to O LevelDK-2/DK-4, Khayaban-e-Bukari, Phase-VI, DHA
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021-35842295 - 35346919;Co-EducationSouth Region
KarachiA-Level Defence
AI & AII59 C Al-Murtaza Commercial Lane 4, Khayaban e Roomi DHA, Karachi 021-35246294 Region
KasurKasur Campus
PG to Class 11 & MatricB-6 , 5-R , Defence Colony, Opposite Wapda Office, Kasur
View Map To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
KhairpurTCN - KhairpurPG - KGTalpur Colony near District Health Region
KhairpurKhairpur Branch
Class 1 - MatricBungalow No. 37-38, Naveed Colony, Khaki Shah Ka Pul, Near Mirwa Canal, Khairpur Mir' Region
KhanewalKhanewal Campus
PG to Class 11151 Afzal Town Khanewal
View Map To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls)Central region
KharianKharian Branch
PG - O Level & MatricNear Main Cantt Stop, GT Road, Kharian
View Map region
KhushabThe City School Junior Section, Joharabad
PG to Class 812-A, Mohalla Civil Lines, Joharabad - (Khushab) region
KohatKohat CampusPG - O Level, Matric & FSc.OTS Road Near Bawana Sharif Bypass Road Kohat
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KohatThe City Nursery KohatPG - KGGate No#1, H.NO# 97, Sector 10 KDA Kohat 0922-513149 Region
Kot AdduKAPCO Chapter
PG to Class 11 & MatricKAPCO Power Plant Company, KAPCO Colony Area - Kot Addu,
District Muzaffargarh
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066-2301248 / 2301300
066-2301317 region
Kot AdduPARCO Chapter PG to Class 11 and
Matric & F.Sc
PARCO Refinery, Qasba Gujrat Tehsil: Kot Addu, District: Muzaffarghar066-2290821
066-2290826 region
LahoreShalimar Campus
PG to O Level, A Level & Matric32-E, Industrial Area Gurumangat Road Gulberg III, Lahore
View Map To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 & Matric (Girls Only)Central region
LahoreBoulevard Campus
Class 6 to A-Level6 Ali Block Garden Town, region
LahoreDHA Campus
P.G. to Class 11 & A Level296-B, Phase-VI, DHA Lahore
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P.G. to Class 5 & A Level (Co-Education), Class 6 to 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
LahoreParagon Campus
PG to Class 11Plot No. 35, Burki Road, Paragon City, Lahore
View Map To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls)Central region
LahoreModel Town Campus
Class 3 to Class 11 & Matric202-M, Model Town Ext. Lahore042-35161707
042-35167361 OnlyCentral region
LahoreThe City Nursery Muslim Town
PG to Class 4100-A New Muslim Town Lahore
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042-35861188 - Class 2 (Co-Education)Central region
LahoreMuslim Town Boys Campus
Class 5 to Class 11105-A, New Muslim Town Lahore
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042-35881175 onlyCentral region
LahoreMuslim Town Girls Campus
Class 3 to Class 11110-A, New Muslim Town, Lahore. onlyCentral region
LahoreRavi Campus
PG to Class 11, A Level 303-304, H-III, Johar Town, Lahore.
View Map, To Class 5, A Level (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections)Central region
LahoreThe City Nursery, Gulberg
PG to Class 115-C, Ghalib Road, Gulberg-II, Lahore
View Map region
LahoreThe City Nursery, Model Town
PG to Class 212-L, Model Town Ext. Lahore
View Map region
LahorePECO Road CampusPG to Class 11 (O-Levels) & Matric48-1B1, Main PECO Road, opposite Model Town Link Road, Lahore
View Map 3 to Class 8 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls), PG- Class 2, Class 9 -11 & Matric (Co-Education)Central region
LahoreThe City School Junior Section, Allama Iqbal Town
PG to Class 5143- Rachna Block Allama Iqbal Town region
LahoreThe City Nursery, Wapda Town
PG to Class 222 B-4 WAPDA Town Lahore
View Map region
LahoreThe City Nursery, Shadman
PG to Class 2H No-114, Shadman Colony-1, Lahore
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Central region
LarkanaLarkana Campus
PG to O Level & MatricRato dero Road Larkana.
View Map Region
LarkanaThe City Nursery, LarkanaPG to KGOpposite Relan village near Professor Colony Qamber Road Larkana 0334-2923342
Co-EducationSouth Region
MardanMardan Campus
Class 1 - O Level & MatricSugar Mill Road, Mardan
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0937-870900, 0937-872756, 1, 2 & O - Level only Co-education) (Class 3 - class 8 and Matric Boys only)North Region
MardanThe City School, Mardan Girls CampusClass 3 - Class 10 & MatricYousaf Abad, Near Bilal CNG, Sugar Mills Road, Region
MardanThe City Nursery, Mardan PG - KGDianna House, sugar mill road, Region
MianwaliMianwali Campus
PG - O LevelMahmood Khan Niazi House, Near Gul Maqsood goods, Talagang Road, Mianwali
View Map Region
MirpurThe City School, Mirpur PG - O LevelH # 37 Sector F-2 Mirpur Azad kashmir05827-442493 /, Region
MirpurkhasMirpur Khas Nursery
PG TO Class 2Plot No. 6 & 7, Block-9, Unit No.3, Satellite Town, Mirpurkhas
View Map Region
MirpurkhasMirpurkhas Campus
PG to MatricMain Mirwah Road, Adjecent to Caltex pump, Mirpurkhas.
View Map Region
MultanMultan CampusPG to Class 11 & MatricNorthern Bypass, Bosan Town, region
MuzaffarabadMuzaffarabad CampusPG - O LevelDhani Syedan, Near Punjab College, Srinagar Road Muzaffarabad Azad Region
NawabshahNawabshah CampusPlaygroup to O-Level & MatricPlot No. D - 31, Cooperative Housing Society, Region
NowsheraNowshera CampusClass 3 - A Level G.T Road Hakimabad, Nowshera0923-610064 Region
NowsheraThe City Nursery, Nowshera PG- Class 2Near Sui Gas Office Dheri katikhel Near hakeemabad, Nowshera Region
OkaraOkara CampusPG to Class 112/4-L , Canal View Road near Canal View Housing Society, To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
PeshawarPeshawar CampusClass 3 - A Level149 E Sector C-3 Phase 5 Hayatabad Peshawar091-5810117, Region
PeshawarTCS Warsak PG - Class 6Opposite Peshawar Public School & College, Azamabad (Tehkal Payyan), Warsak Road Region
PeshawarTCS Cantt Prep SectionClass 3 - Class 9House no: 7, Rafiqui Lane, Opposite Qayyum Stadium, Peshawar Region
PeshawarThe City Nursery CanttPG - Class 2H#1 Tehkal Payan Near Defence Colony Region
PeshawarThe City Nursery, Uni Town PeshawarPG - Class 2House # 25-A, Chinaar Road, University Town, Region
PeshawarJunior Section, Uni Town PeshawarClass 3 - Class 4House # 25-B, Chinaar Road, University Town, Peshawar091-5703526 Region
PeshawarGirls Section, Uni Town PeshawarClass 3- Class 8 & MatricHouse #: 1 Street 1 Abdara Road University Town Region
PeshawarSenior Section, Uni TownClass 5 - Matric & O LevelH # 5 A/2, Park Lane, university town Peshawar091-5842740 Region
PeshawarThe City Nursery, Hayatabad PG - KGHouse # 07, Sector D-1, Phase-1, Hayatabad Region
PeshawarHayatabad Junior SectionClass 1 & 2House #33,34, St#1 Sector K-5 Phase 3 Hayatabad Region
QuettaQuetta CampusClass 3 to A Levels, Matric & FSc758-A Jinnah Town, Samungli Road, Quetta Cantt. Quetta081-2829041, Region
QuettaTCN-1 QuettaPlaygroup to Class 2H.No. 9-14/142-A, 3, Burganza Villas, Zarghoon Road, Quetta, Region
QuettaTCN-II QuettaPlaygroup to Class 2154/155-B, Jinnah Town, Samungli Road, Quetta Cantt.081-2870076, 081-2870163 Region
QuettaTCN Gulistan
PG to Class 2810/247 Major Muhammad Ali Shaheed Road(Gulistan Road) Quetta081-2832484, 0333-788-8398 Region
QuettaQuetta Cantt Campus - 1PG to Class 2Area EX Field Supply Platoon Khojak Lines Quetta Region
QuettaQuetta Cantt Campus - 11Class 3 to Class 10 & MatricJinnah Road Near Shabbir sharif market Quetta Region
RawalpindiSatellite Town CampusClass 1 - O Level59-A, Satellite Town Campus Murree Road 1 & 2 Co-Education only) (Class 3 - O Level & Matric Boys only)North Region
RawalpindiSatellite Town GirlsClass 3 - O Level26-A, Block A, Satellite Town, Region
RawalpindiSatellite Town NurseryPG - KGSatellite Town Nursery School, House No. 48/A, Block A, Sattelite Town, Region
RawalpindiCivil Lines BranchPG - Class 4H # 179-A/B Sir Syed Road Region
RawalpindiThe City Nursery, Gulraiz RWPPG - Class 5House # 267, Street # 06 Phase III Gulraiz Colony Region
RawalpindiCantt Nursery BranchPG - KGHouse # 144-A, Westridge 1, Main Peshawar Road Region
RawalpindiCantt Pre Junior BranchClass 1-2House # 175/B, Westridge 1, Rawalpindi Region
RawalpindiCantt Prep BranchClass 6 - Class 9 of MatricH.No. 01, Iqbal Road, Westridge 01, Region
RawalpindiCantt Junior Branchclass 3 - class 5House No. 01, Aibak Road, Westridge 01, Region
RawalpindiCantt Senior Branch10 Matric, O & A LevelsHouse # 337, Lane # 6, Peshawar Road, RWP Region
RawalpindiHarley Street CampusP.G - Class 8House # 98, Lane # 03, Harley Street, Rawalpindi 051-5568001
051-5568002 Region
RawalpindiJunior Section LalazarP.G - Class 4House # 1 main Adyala Road Region
RisalpurThe City School Risalpur BranchPG - Class 8House # 3/10, Mehmood Road (Behind Officer's Mess), Risalpur Region
RYKRahim Yar Khan Branch
PG - Class 11Makhdoom Altaf Road, Canal Avenue, Rahim Yar Khan
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068-5871935 region
SahiwalSahiwal CampusPG to Class 11 & A-Level & MatricMuhammad Pur Road, Sahiwal040-4270255
040-4503101 To Class 5 & A-Level (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
SargodhaThe City Nursery, Sargodha
PG to Class 2Near Q-Mart, Madina Town Sargodha
View Map
048-3765911-13-14 region
SargodhaSargodha Campus Class 3 to Class 11 & MatricNear Madina CNG, Madina Town Sargodha
View Map 3 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
SialkotThe City School Junior Section, Cantt Sialkot
PG to Class 3Tariq Road, Near Cantonment Board, Sialkot Cantt
View Map
052-4268967 /
052-4264650 region
SialkotIqbal Campus, Sialkot
Class 2 to Class 11, A-Level & MatricFaraz Shaheed Road, Sialkot
View Map
052-4262066 2 & A Level (Co-Education), Class 3 to Class 11 & Matric (Boys Only)Central region
SialkotGirls Campus, SialkotClass 3 to A-Level & MatricFaraz Shaheed Road, Kalma Chowk, Sialkot

View Map
052-4290805 onlyCentral region
SukkurTCN - Sukkur
PG to Class 2Banglow # 89/90 Delhi Muslim Housing Society Near Abad Lakha Shikarpur Road, Sukkur071- Region
SukkurIndus Campus SukkurPG to O Level & Matric, FSc Survey No. 258, Indus Valley, Near Taj Filling Station, Shikarpur Road, Region
SwabiSwabi CampusPG - Class 9 of MatricMain Jehangira Road, Panj Pir, Naray Region
SwatThe City Nursery, SwatPG - Class 7House No.1, Park Avenue, college Calony, Saidu Sharif-Swat094-6725919, KG (Co-Education) Class 1-7 (All Girls)North Region
SwatSwat Campus Class 1 - O level & MatricNear Wali Swat Palace, Khona Chum, saidu sharif-Swat0946-712666 1 - Class 8 (Boys Only) O Level & Matric (Co-Education)North Region
ThattaThatta BranchPG to MatricA/54-A, Hashmabad Housing Society Makli, Region
VehariVehari CampusPG to Class 11Ikram Building, Near Madina Petroleum, Multan Road Vehari067-3365551
067-3365541 To Class 5 (Co-Education), Class 6 to Class 11 (Separate Sections for Boys & Girls )Central region
Wah CanttWah cantt BranchPG - Class 6House no A-19 The Mall Lala Rukh Wah Region
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