The City School courses lead to the Cambridge International Examinations at International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) and General Certificate of Education at Ordinary (O-level) / Advanced Levels (A-level).

The school curriculum across all the classes is designed with an aim to provide students with experiences which support, stimulate and structure their learning.

High priority is given to developing pupil’s ability to use language accurately and appropriately

Provides pupils with the knowledge and procedures for working with patterns and relationships in numbers and space

Environmental Studies

Learning about the social and physical conditions which influence, or have influenced, the lives of individuals and communities

Expressive Arts

Encourages the exploration on innate abilities and foster imagination & creativity. Development of practical and perceptual skills; promotion of intellectual and aesthetic development

Religious Education Examines concepts, which guide ideal behaviour. Help pupils to explore the more personal aspects of religion by addressing questions about meaning, value and purpose in life
Personal & SocialDevelopment

Identifies and reflects on the values, which they and society uphold. Learn the ability to distinguish right from wrong and to appreciate good behaviour, courtesy and respect for others

IC-TECH IC-TECH (Innovation in curriculum through Technology) is a group of courses for children aged 4 to 16.
To assist our curriculum development programme, consultants from the United Kingdom are appointed on a regular basis to lead the team of subject specialist teachers in revising the curricula and syllabi.