The City School completes its 40 years of academic excellence

LAHORE: The 40th Year’s Celebrations Ceremony held on 28th March, 2018 in Lahore, featured remarkable students’ performances and alumni speeches. Director, The City School Network, Jehangir Firoz, shared his views on the 40th Years Celebrations before cutting the cake “The City School, being one of the largest private school networks has always aspired to provide quality education to the students in Pakistan and abroad. They embody good character, values and knowledge taught to them in conducive state-of-the-art school settings. Alhamdulillah, we have completed 40 successful years of academic excellence; which reflects our students’ extra-ordinary achievements”.

The Regional Director (Centre), Mrs Irum Yousuf, also addressed the audience saying, “Our philosophy of tolerance and diversity not only enables our students to integrate into their home communities within Pakistan, but also prepares them for many international educational and career opportunities”. The event was attended by The City School officials, alumni and students who celebrated being part of the network.