Thar Support Project by A Level North Nazimabad

We are proud to share with you that The First Drop, a social welfare society founded by Citizens at The City School A Level North Nazimabad, successfully completed its Thar Support Project in collaboration with HumAAP (an NGO).

Thar Support Project by A Level North Nazimabad (1)

The project started with an awareness campaign about the drought-stricken conditions in Thar followed by donation collection and subsequent transportation to the people affected in the Tharparkar district. The society also received a handsome contribution from the Senior Girls, Prep Girls and Boys Campuses in North Nazimabad, including A Level Campus Gulshan.

In total, 110 bags of food items were prepared – worth Rs. 4,500 each. Nine students volunteered to distribute ration bags along with Mr. Shahid Iqbal (Headmaster, A Level North Nazimabad). Mr. Abad (Campus Guidance Counsellor) and Mr. Salman (Accounts Teacher) also accompanied our Citizens and their Headmaster in this very worthy cause.

The aid convoy from The City School A Level North Nazimabad departed for Thar on 22 March 2014 at 4 a.m. and arrived back at school at 12 p.m.

Mr. Shahid Iqbal also expressed his appreciation to Ms Tazeen Rizwan, Mrs Fariha Tahir, Ms Erfa Iftekhar and Mrs Saima Raza for their generous support for the cause.


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