TCS represented at Schools Now! Conference

Headmistresses from two TCS campuses were among the 200 delegates from around the world who attended the Schools Now! Conference in Abu Dhabi from 1-2 March. Ms Saira Waseem (Model Town Link Road Campus) and Ms Kashfi Butt (Ravi Campus) represented TCS at the conference organised by the British Council.
School leaders from the British Council’s Partner Schools Network (PSN) – a global network of schools whose students take the UK school examinations through the British Council – participated in the conference with enthusiasm. The theme for the conference was ‘Empowering Leaders, Teachers and Students’ and it highlighted the widening gap between academic knowledge and workplace skills valued by employers. The purpose of the event was to engage with global school leaders on important educational issues that schools and educationalists are facing worldwide and will face in the future.
Apart from the keynote speeches, the participants took an active interest in the plenary papers, panel discussions and short paper presentations. The plenary sessions were on the topics: “Schools Now! Empowering leaders, teachers and students”, “Mind the (skills) Gap – are schools fit for purpose in the new world?” and “Hope or Hype? – Rethinking technology and new models of delivery in schools.”
Attending the conference was a great experience for the Headmistresses from The City School and it gave them a better understanding of the global education scenario. They will, no doubt, share the knowledge and information they have gained with others at the organisation so that all teachers and school heads can benefit from it.