Summer Camp in China – CCI

A group of five students from Capital Campus Islamabad (CCI), along with Principal CCI Mehsoona Waqar, participated in the 2014 Beijing International Students Summer Camp from 12 to 21 July.  It was a wonderful experience for the students as they were the first batch from Middle School to be selected by the Chinese Embassy, Islamabad to participate in the international summer camp. A total of 18 students from all over Pakistan and almost 900 students from all over the world participated in the event.

Summer Camp in China – CCI  (4)

Madam Bao Jiqing, wife of Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, led this exchange programme and selected the students herself. Dania Kamal, a student of Capital Campus, was selected by the organisers to deliver the inaugural speech. At the opening ceremony, the hosts had organised themed activities such as calligraphy, painting, folk art workshop, and a Chinese medicine hall. The students learnt about the Chinese culture and visited historical sites such as the Temple of Death, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Manku Show and the Great Wall of China. They also met their peers from 24 different countries and exchanged views and opinions. The camp ended with a ‘Night of International Friendship’ where the students gave a performance about the culture and traditions of Pakistan and watched similar performances by students from other countries.

A ceremony was held at the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad on 22 July to honour the students and teachers who attended the camp. Madam Bao addressed the gathering and congratulated the students on their achievement.