Students Excel at IKLC

Exemplary students from TCS Girls Branch Satellite Town Eshmal Shehzadi (Class 3) and Hira Khan (Class 4) won gold medals and Yousma Tahir (Class 3), Alishba Amani (Class 4), Raiha Zaidi (Class 5), and Mehru Ahmed (Class 8) won bronze medals in the International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest held in December 2014. Eshmal and Hira, both with 120 marks, secured 1st position in the country at the Ecolier level of the contest. The bronze level winners secured 1st position in their respective classes to win bronze medals.

International Kangaroo Linguistic Contest (IKLC) is organised in 4 languages: English, German, French and Spanish. The structure of IKLC is the same as that of International Kangaroo Mathematics Contest. IKLC addresses students from Classes 3 to 12 and brings together the linguistic pedagogical experience from a number of countries and aims to promote good communication and culture, which is crucial for success in today’s world.

Details of the winners are given below:


Name Father Name Class Marks Medals Position Throughout Pakistan
Eshmal Shehzadi Muhammad Ashfaq 3 120 Gold Medal 1st
Hira Khan Muhammad Waqar 4 120 Gold Medal 1st
Raiha Zaidi Najeem Haider Zaidi 5 136 Bronze Medal 5th
Mehru Ahmed Ahmed Khawaja 8 146 Bronze medal 3rd
Yousma Tahir Tahir Nadeem 3 116 Bronze Medal 3rd
Alishba Amani Zohaib Amani 4 116 Bronze Medal 3rd