Off to Cornell on Scholarship! 

Rabei Javaid (A-2) narrates her experience at The City School and the process of applying to Cornell

“Ma’am, it’s either Barnard or Cornell.”

“You should apply to Cornell.”

“But I’m not confident enough, Ma’am. I don’t think I’ll get in.”

“You’ll get in. Don’t think too much. “

This is pretty much how I applied to the place that’s going to be my home for the next four years.

On the 8th of December, I was all set for rejection, too scared to view the decision till the next day. Although I was accepted, I was also prepared for disappointment because of the possibility of not getting enough financial aid and so I was still very scared. Anyway, I am going to go!

I guess it was my lucky day.

Very few people get the chance to study at their dream university and I am so fortunate to be getting that chance. I knew I was accepted into Cornell, College of Architecture, Art and Planning, on the 9th of December around 1pm and it is still very hard to believe. I did not know what to feel about it till I knew about how much aid I would be getting. When I heard that I had been awarded a financial grant of 92% I was exhilarated.

I don’t know if I can say that I deserved this place, but I really did exert myself for this. I gave up countless times, cried some nights, complained about how there was so much to do, had those long sessions with my counsellor, uploaded transcripts, essays, supplements, portfolios, ran around my teachers for recommendation letters, etc. There was a lot to do and I really couldn’t have done all of this alone. My family was with me on the nights that I cried. My counsellor motivated me whenever I gave up and always made me feel okay. My teachers posed great trust in my abilities and came up with amazing letters of recommendations and hats off to my friends for hearing me whine countless times about the same things over and over.

My success wasn’t down to just all of that, it was also due to those 6 hours, five days a week that I spent at school for the past 12 years, and those weekends where I went to numerous competitions and got scolded for coming home late, it consisted of those sleepless nights that I spent painting and studying and most of all it consisted of everyone’s efforts who made me who I am today; a large deal of which I owe to The City School.