Spreading Values – DHA Alpha Campus


Students of DHA Alpha went about spreading awareness of the values of The City School by telling people about this school and how we believe in love, friendship, forgiveness, tolerance, patience and the parent’s role in education.

The students visited different places in three phases.

  • Visit to DHA Houses:

In the first phase students visited houses in Phase V and VI to spread the messages of community service, ‘say no to smoking’ and what values they believe in.

  • Visits to Banks and Malls:

In the second phase, they visited banks and malls such as Al Fateh , Jalal Sons.

  • Visit to Regional Office:

Lastly, they visited the Regional Office to spread their message of love.

This proved to be an excellent marketing strategy for our schools since there was one-to-one interaction with the potential parent body of TCS.

  • Visit to the hospitals

The students visited the National Hospital, Adil Hospital and Rasheed Hospital in order to inculcate values and give the patients get well soon cards and some give-aways.

  • Visiting McDonalds Head Office

Along with their teachers, the students visited Mr. Raza Ali, the Marketing Head at McDonalds. He was overwhelmed by the loving attitude, confidence and patience of the students. The students imparted values regarding no smoking, healthy eating habits and good manners.