Showcasing Living Value Education

On 13 November 2015, Junior Section A of Darakhshan Campus organised a programme to highlight the Living Values. Parents of the participating students were also invited to the event.

The programme commenced with the name of Allah, followed by the national anthem and school song. It was followed by the play ‘Beauty and the Beast’, which highlighted the values of love and sacrifice and was greatly applauded by the audience.

The stage was well designed, especially the castle and the farm house. The students wore beautiful costumes and acted with confidence and poise. After the play, the children delivered speeches on love, peace and cooperation.

This was followed by a song ‘Tell Me Why’ by the school choir, which was based on the value of empathy and emphasised helping the less privileged. The audience was greatly moved by the message and the mesmerising performance of the young performers. The programme ended with a note of thanks and the distribution of souvenirs.

Values-based Education has always been an integral part of the school and students are encouraged to develop personal, social, moral, cultural, spiritual and universal values. We firmly believe that values shape our lives and that the primary years are the best time to impart Values Education so that the right impressions are formed in the child’s mind.