The City School Karachi students outshone all others once again at the Obhartay Sitaray Grand Finale 2014. The preliminary rounds were held on 10 September 2014. There were around 250 teams participating in the competition from all over Karachi. The number of teams from The City School was the highest. Four teams per level and eight final voices were selected for the Grand Finale held at the Marriot, Karachi. The jury consisted of well-known celebrities from the music industry including Tina Sani, Afshan Ahmed and Saira Kazmi.

Shining Stars (6)

The Grand Finale started on 11 October 2014 and the solo performers and teams from The City School impressed the audience with their amazing performances. The highest number of team and solo winners in the primary/ secondary level were from TCS.

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The second half featured O and A Level performers and they were equally successful in garnering praise and applause from the audience and the jury.

Shining Stars (9)

Officiating Regional Director Dr Humaira Bukhari also graced the event with her presence. The organisers (The Citizens Foundation) gave her an award for The City School for raising the highest amount for the TCF campaign this year. The City School Karachi Region donated Rs2,114,500/- to the Supporters of The Citizens Foundation (STCF). It was a collaborative effort of all the campuses and branches of The City School. Our Music Coordinator was also awarded an award of recognition by STCF.

The details of the Grand Finale achievements are given below:

Primary Level Runners-up Voices:  (Darakhshan Campus, Karachi)
1. Hajra Nadeem  Runners-up voice
Primary Level Winning Team:          (PECHS Junior Boys, Karachi)
1. Muheet Irfan
2. Raahim Irfan
Primary Level Winning Voice:          (PECHS Junior Boys, Karachi)
1. Muheet Irfan
Secondary Level Winning Team:   (Senior Girls North Nazimabad, Karachi)
1. Shiza Fasih
2. Eisha Waqar
Senior Level Runners-up Team:         (Darakhshan Campus, Karachi)
1. Hussayn Jakhrani
2. Ayesha Nadeem
3. Fatima Fakhar
A Level Winning Team:       (PAF Chapter, Karachi)
1. Zarmina Faizan
2. Saad Habib
3. Shehryar Rehan
A Level Winning Voice:  (PAF Chapter, Karachi)
1. Zarmina Faizan (Ghazal)
2. Shehryar Rehan (Milli)
A Level Winning Voice:  (North Nazimabad A Level Branch, Karachi)
1. Ali Abbasi