Shaukat Khanam Science and Engineering Fair 2017

A group of O level students from Girls Campus, Sialkot presented their research projects in the national round of the Shaukat Khanam Science and Engineering Fair 2017 held in association with Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, USA. The event was organized at Pak Turk School, Lahore on 1 November 2017. Our students placed in their best efforts to surpass other educational institutions of Punjab and qualify for the final round to be held in USA. The following students took part in the event:

Sr. No. Student Name  

Research Project

1 i)   Imaan Zahid

ii)  Khadija Azeem

Drug Abuse (A wave of awareness in youth)
2 i)    Momina Akmal

ii)   Maryam Ijaz

Hazards of non-bio degradable products
3 i)    Mansoora Khan Effect of air resistance on free fall
4 i)    Zumbish Rashid

ii)   Arisha Akram

Electric cars