Seminar on University of Sheffield

On 19 and 20 October 2015, three TCS schools from the Southern Region – Defence A Levels, Gulshan A Levels and PECHS A Levels – were visited by a representative of the University of Sheffield, UK, Mr Asif Naeem. He gave a presentation about the university, covering the courses offered, tuition fees, and campus life.  Afterwards, a Question and Answer session was held for the students.  The students were very appreciative and enthusiastic about attending the seminar and learning about the study options at the university.

The City School Karachi Pakistan held Seminar on University of Sheffield (4)

Mr Naeem, although working for a business school, was well versed with the workings of the University of Sheffield and the process of applying for studies. Having lived in Pakistan and Britain, he was able to answer questions relating to the life and culture of the UK. Mr Naeem enjoyed his sessions with the TCS students and expressed his interest for another session in February 2016.