Science Fair at Darakhshan Campus

Darakhshan Campus, Senior Girls Section, organised a Science Fair with the theme ‘Microorganisms’ on Thursday, 1 October 2015. Students of Class 8 presented an array of informative and enlightening science projects featuring models and PowerPoint presentations. Some students made souvenirs to go along with the projects.

The programme was inaugurated by Principal Darakhshan Campus Mrs Naila Durrani. She was impressed by the models and presentations and congratulated all the students for their brilliant efforts. The judges, Miss Ismat Fahim and Miss Hiba Zeeshan, appreciated the students and the science teacher for their hard work and efforts. Teachers and students from Prep Boys Section were also invited to visit and share their observations. At the end, the students with the best project from each section were awarded certificates.

The main purpose of the Science Fair was to hone the scientific skills of the students and encourage them to be inquisitive and analytical. This year’s fair was one of the best of its kind and it raised the benchmark for years to come.