Sandwich and Salad Competition 2015

Students of Classes 5-T and 5-C were declared ‘Master Chefs’ at the Sandwich and Salad Making Contest held on 26 February 2015 by PAF Chapter, Junior Section.


The co-curricular event was integrated with the linguistic programme and consisted of two parts. In the first part, the students made sandwiches and in the second they wrote down step-by-step instructions for their recipes. All the presentations were coded and the ingredients and recipe cards were attached alongside each display.

The competition was attended by the Department of Inspection and Quality Assurance (DIQA) team and the PAF Management. The judges of the contest were Chef Mehboob from Masala TV, Ms Sumaira from the Sam’s Cake Factory and Ms Nadia Sajid from DIQA. The results were announced after a tough competition as the judges had a hard time deciding the winners with each creation being unique and well presented.  At the end, the guests and the judges complimented all the participants for their creativity, presentation and oral communication skills.