Renowned Drama Writer Visits Jinnah Campus

Well-known TV drama writer Mrs. Maha Malik was invited to visit The City School Jinnah Campus on 24 October 2013, to guide the students in the practical impact of reading upon writing along with the tips to be a good reader to improve writing skills.

Ms. Abida Kulsoom, Urdu teacher, conducted the whole programme and Mr. Nadir Ali Hashmi presented the welcome note.

Mrs. Maha Malik addressed the students on the topic “Reading Improves Writing” and told them about how the first word spoken to The Holy Prophet by Jibril (Gabriel) was ‘Iqra’ meaning to read. So, Islam itself is first introduced to people, all over the world, by this word and one can easily judge the importance of reading through the first revelation.

Mrs. Maha Malik urged the students to read at least five pages a day in order to develop a habit of reading which ultimately will make them good writers. New readers, school students, should start with reading short stories, Readers’ Digest, biographies, poetry, novels etc.

Some of the tips given to develop a reading habit included referring to some reliable lists for suggested reading, visiting libraries or websites, or swapping books with friends. The most important thing was to try to read every day and always try to have a book handy somewhere to pull out whenever convenient. One could read casually or could set up a goal to read one book a week or even two books a month.

Mrs. Malik also stressed the idea of enhancing observational thinking and writing skills in order to be a good writer.

The presentation was a great success and all those attending were very interested and involved.

At the end, Principal Mrs. Aaliya Khalid delivered the vote of thanks.

The Joy of Reading