Remarkable Distinction

Mrs Nasrin Tayyab from the Department of Inspection and Quality Assurance (DIQA) at TCS has completed her MPhil in Educational Leadership and Management with a distinction. She secured 1st position and was awarded a gold medal.

Her research included a study to explore the impact of training programmes on School Heads and examined the differences in team performance of trained and untrained Heads. Her valuable research revealed a stark variance in the performance, attitude and bonding between teams of trained and untrained Heads. The trained Heads were able to create a positive environment, which enhanced the performance of their teams, while the untrained Heads were unable to take the necessary steps to create such an environment, leading their teams to be demotivated and lacking in performance. It was also difficult for them to achieve their organisational goals.

The findings from her research will not only allow for more focused training sessions, but will also allow HR staff to effectively select the required resources suitable to be School Heads.

We congratulate Mrs Nasrin Tayyab on her brilliant performance and wish her all the best for her future endeavours.