Recycling Week—School-based Activity

Recycling week was conducted from 11–14 April 2016 at Gulshan Campus A Boys as part of TCS Youth Programmes. The objective behind this activity was to educate the students about the hazards of improper use and disposal of various material/resources and to learn how to reuse and save valuable resources.

Class 7–9 students brought used materials like bottles, ice cream sticks or any recyclable material to the school and the activity was carried out during class timings. The purpose was to create awareness among the children regarding the importance of recycling.

The students came up with different materials that were later used for recycling purposes. They were excited to showcase their artistic skills and came up with a lot of new and different ideas. They participated with great enthusiasm and made different things like bicycles using sticks, wooden houses using ice cream sticks, and various other things using bottles, bottle caps, newspapers etc.

Ms Heema (Art teacher from Gulshan Campus B) was the judge for the event and the participants were assessed and given marks based on the evaluation criteria shared by the RO. Marking helped the students in enhancing their confidence levels. Certificates were presented to the winners in the morning assembly.