Rahemeen Ahmed wins International Creative Writing Award

Rahemeen Ahmed wins International Creative Writing Award

16-year-old Rahemeen Ahmed of The City School Capital Campus Islamabad has made her school proud by winning the IGGY & Litro Young Writers’ Prize.

This international creative writing competition was organised by IGGY, an educational and social network for gifted young people created by the University of Warwick, UK. It was open for participation to IGGY Members aged 13-18 and was launched in collaboration with London’s Litro Magazine for the fourth consecutive year. Members submitted short stories of up to 2,500 words in length. This year’s subject was “Dreams”.

The competition was fierce, and the judges received many entries from talented young writers from across the globe. Entries were judged by a panel of established authorities including writer and critic Ian Sansom, BBC broadcaster and writer John McCarthy, creative writer and teacher Francis Gilbert, award-winning writer and performance poet Dean Atta and teenage writer Simi Prasad.

On 4 December 2013, the results were out and our Citizen Rahemeen Ahmed was declared the Winner! The panel was incredibly impressed by Rahemeen’s entry.

Judging chair Ian Sansom had this to say about Rahemeen’s story:

“A good story creates a world which the reader can inhabit: a world of ideas, a world of language, a world of images. Writers play word-games and world-games. Rahemeen Ahmed’s story is a small wonder of world-making and word-making. For a moment, the reader inhabits the world of Bana-Mai – sooth-sayer, herb-healer and interpreter of dreams – and then returns to reality, renewed.”

Similarly, Eric Akoto, Editor in Chief of Litro Magazine, said:

“What stands out for me with Rahemeen’s story is the ability the young writer manages to achieve in taking her readers on this mythical journey. Reading the story, you feel yourself transferred into the pages of her writing.”

Rahemeen has also won a cash prize of £2000. Her story will be published in London’s Litro Magazine. On achieving success, Rahemeen had this to say:

“If being shortlisted was like plunging down from a roller-coaster then winning the IGGY & Litro Young Writers’ Prize was like plunging off the world’s highest cliff. For a long time afterwards, I kept jumping up and down in sheer excitement and disbelief. Thank you to all the judges who considered my story good enough for winning the award, for their interest, for their effort. And of course, to IGGY and Litro who were responsible for this competition, who gave me an incredible opportunity to explore myself as a writer and who gave me the most momentous moment of my life.”

Click here to read Rahemeen’s winning story in the original English and in 6 other languages.

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