Policy Idol 2015 Runners-up

Muhammad Bakht Jamshaid Baryar was awarded the runners-up prize of £500 for the style and delivery of his pitch on ‘Solving the Somalia puzzle: a nudge for UK foreign policy’ at the Policy Idol 2015 contest. He was able to secure this position after a tough competition with nine other finalists. Bakht is a City School Alumnus who did his A Levels from TCS Capital Campus in 2012. Currently, he is a final year BSc Political Economy student at King’s College London, with research interests in state building, governance in failed states and counter-insurgency.

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Policy Idol is a contest held by King’s College and its related campuses, where competitors have three minutes to pitch their policy ideas. Ideas can vary from education to healthcare and foreign policy to political engagement. The judges, who include leading figures from the worlds of government, academia, and industry, grade participants on style and substance. At the end, participants also have to convince a live audience, who then vote on the presentations.

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