Planet Preservation – TCK-II SMCHS


Earth Week is an annual event held in April – a week-long celebration of environmental awareness and respect for the planet we live on.

The City Kindergarten SMCHS branch celebrated Earth Week in the school premises from 21 to 25 April 2014. The celebration was an opportunity to increase the confidence of the children, share the concept of environmental awareness and encourage love and care for plants and the Earth. Different activities were planned and implemented throughout the week including recycling; plantation, a Nature Walk and Cleanliness Day. An awareness programme on plantation was also organised in the school, hosted by well-known TV personalities Mr and Mrs Muslim Raza. They gave advice on plantation, kitchen gardening, indoor gardening and roof gardening. Mothers were also invited to attend the event. Art and project work on Earth, recycling, pollution, and plantations were prominently displayed round the school.

Appreciation for the programme was expressed by mothers and guests speakers. All the teaching staff along with their students also took an oath to save Earth.