All Pakistan Music Conference 2016

Nine gifted students from The City School Ravi Campus and Muslim Town Campus won gold, silver and bronze medals in two categories at the All Pakistan Music Conference 2016 on Tuesday, 20 September. The event, held at Alhamra Arts Council, Lahore was part of the week-long prestigious national music forum which showcases classical music from all over Pakistan.

Muslim Town Campus achieved another milestone by securing the Team Trophy for the Under-10 category in the same event. Music teachers Mr Shuaib Abbas, Mr Sabahat Hussain, Mr Rafaqat Hussain and Ms Seeme Laleka (Music Coordinator-CR) should also be acknowledged for their dedicated efforts.

The categories and names of the winners are given below:

Sr. No Age Group Category Student Position Campus
1 Under-10 years Folk Fatima Zehra 1st Muslim Town
2 Folk Isharab Ali 3rd Muslim Town
3 Ghazal Maheen Hussain 1st Muslim Town
4 Classical Musfira Meer 2nd Muslim Town
5 Above-10 years Ghazal Ali Noor 1st Ravi Campus
6 Ghazal Arfa Abbas 2nd Ravi Campus
7 Folk Muqadas Khan 2nd Ravi Campus
8 Folk Zoya Intikhab 2nd Ravi Campus
9 Semi-classical Roshan Waseem 2nd Muslim Town