PAF Chapter Sports Stars

The City School is proud to share the achievements of PAF Chapter athletes in the Independence Day/Defence Day Athletics and Relay Championship 2014.

The event took place at the National Coaching Centre on 6 and 10 September 2014. It was jointly organised by the Karachi Olympics Association and the Karachi Athletics Association.

PAF Chapter

Details of our students’ triumphs are as follows:

Sr # Students Class Event Position
Athletics Boys
1. Abdul Ahad A2-S4 100m 1st Position(Fastest Athlete)
2. Yusuf Ali Khan A2-C5 200m 2nd Position
3. Jahanzaib khan A2-S3 400m 3rd Position
4. Jahanzaib khan A2-S3 800m 1st Position
5. Moh Atta Malik 11-R 400m 2nd Position
Under-16 Boys
6. Shahzaib 400m 2nd Position
Athletics Girls
7. MahamZaidi A1-S2 800m 3rd Position
8. Iman Rehman 9-C 100m sprint 3rd Position
9. Zoha 10 200m 3rd Position
Relays Boys
10. Abdul Ahad A2-S4 4×100 Relay 1st Position
Relays Girls
11. Ashbala Omer A1-S4 4×100 Relay 3rd Position