Online Web Cast Meeting with Parents

As a follow up on the update received from Cambridge on May/ June 2020 Exam Series, Southern Region, Northern Region and Central Regions’s Academic Management Team planned a Web Cast Online Meeting with all parents and students of O/A levels.

The objective of this online meeting was to orientate parents with the CAIE options of grading & examination and provide them complete knowledge of the steps Cambridge intend to take while following the Oct/ Nov Exam  and/or Predicted Grades options. It was a platform to interact with parents and resolve their queries along with the right guidance provided by The City School.

The sessions were divided over a span of two days where 750 parents were catered to in six different clusters. The meeting started with greetings by the panelists which included the GM, Phase Leader and the Head of School. TCS guidance was provided as a result of Cambridge announcement where strong and persistent facilitation was reassured to the parent community in these challenging time. Lastly, the forum was open for parents to ask questions and take clarity on their queries.