Online Debates Camp by Ravi Campus Lahore

The City School’s Ravi Campus arranged an Online Debates Camp in view of the COVID-19 lockdown.

The debates camp was attended by a group of fifteen students who were coached by Debates Coach Raza Hassan. The camp was virtually held four times a week with sessions divided into content discussions, friendly debates and understanding the different debate structure and technicalities.

The camp timings were kept flexible for maximum participation and sometimes the camp was held at 9 am and at other times at 9 pm as well.

Parents also attended some of the online debates camps as observers and gave positive reviews after seeing how competitive and helpful the whole activity was.

Celebrity Coach Sofyan Sultan also attended one of the Online Debates Camp sessions. He has coached the Pakistan U19 Debating Team Seven times and is also the director of ABM info tech, president of NeverForgetPakistan and Editor-in-Chief of Soch. He gave valuable advice to The City School’s students on how to improve their debating skills in the time of Coronavirus.

The students now plan to organize their Online Intra-School debate after Eid.

ayesha usman