‘Odyssey Beyond Borders’ at Prep Girls North Nazimabad

A multi-cultural event titled ‘Odyssey Beyond Borders’ was organised by Citizens at Prep Girls North Nazimabad on 22 February 2014.

It took two weeks for our teachers, students and management to prepare for this grand event. A ‘Mini China’, ‘Mini Afghanistan’, ‘Mini India’ and ‘Mini Iran’ were set up in the school. They proved to be near-real depictions of our neighbouring countries. The students did a lot of research on the food, culture, weather, clothes and population of each country before putting up the displays.

In Mini China, the students set up a flamboyant dragon along with the Great Wall of China and the Silk Route. Other items on display included Chinese paintings, pottery and traditional Chinese spices.


Mini Afghanistan featured the traditional Afghan “dhaaba” (hut), the Band-e-Amir (deep blue lakes) and the huge Khyber Pass. The area allotted to Mini India was set up with the striking Taj Mahal, a traditional wedding pavilion and other famous places of the country.


Mini Iran was depicted with the Nouroz festival, the renowned Azadi Tower and the precious ornaments and jewels of the country.


The dancing girls, performing to folk songs of each respective country, were dressed up in traditional attire and mesmerised the audience with their stunning performances. Students of Prep Girls North Nazimabad had also set up the restaurants featuring the traditional cuisine of each country.

Ms Huma Arshad (Regional Academic Coordinator and Headmistress, Prep Girls Gulshan) was the Chief Guest at the event.

The parents who visited the various stalls were highly appreciative of the hard work put in by the students and staff to make this a very informative and entertaining event.

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