Novel by Eisha Ahmed of The City School published

Eisha AhmedIt is with great pride that The City School shares news of Eisha Ahmed’s recently-published novel ‘Life Goes On’. The book has been published by WheelMan Press (UK) and is spread over 186 pages. Eisha is a student at the Gulshan Prep Girls Campus in Karachi.

Eisha mentions in her online biography at Amazon: “I am a 9th grade student and now of 14 years. I have written this novel when I was 13 in seventh grade. I have been a quick-witted student since my childhood and secured the highest. Today if I am able to write something is because of my education”. Sounds incredible, does it not? However, nothing is impossible if one is willing to come out and express their hidden talents. And Eisha acknowledged the great help she received from her teachers at school.

Following is the description of ‘Life Goes On’:
Life is never as trouble-free as we have thought it to be. Sometimes it becomes a dare, waking up everyday and fighting it until late at night. Ann Stewart has finally realized that there couldn’t be a better teacher than life. She discovered that there is nothing better than friends who keep a flow of happy chatter going throughout one’s life. But what would you do if you were Ann, to whom even smiling was excruciating? Learn what adventure actually is; explore the sea of emotions and a life that will grip your whole being? Is trying to keep a ray of hope in life why it’s always so toilsome? Can there be a life devoid of hope?

We congratulate Eisha on this remarkable achievement, especially at such a young age, and pray that she continues to uplift her literary skills. She has surely made all Citizens proud!

Ms. Nudrat Sajid, Regional Director City School Southern Region, commented on this proud occasion in the following words: “This book by our talented student is a matter of great attainment for Eisha and her parents too who were thankful to our organization for having played a positive role in nurturing Eisha’s abilities. It deals with issues that are close to teenagers in today’s world and will find a ready following in all book lovers”.

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Novel by Eisha Ahmed of The City School

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