EYE Consortium 2024

The City School Northern Region’s Early Years Consortium 2024, held on February 24th in Islamabad, brought together educators, practitioners, and experts to discuss and emphasize the pivotal role of play-based learning in the early years. Ms. Sabahat Khan Tatari, Regional Director North, highlighted the role of the environment in shaping young learners’ intelligences. Dr. Shelina Bhamani, the keynote speaker from AKU, provided insightful perspectives on the significance of play in the early years. Mr. Khalid Anum shared strategies to nurture children’s imagination, creativity, empathy, and critical thinking skills through theatre. Dr. Anzar Khaliq connected the dots between critical thinking and classroom practices using design thinking principles. The event drew a diverse audience comprising early years teachers, parents, and researchers, all of whom expressed a collective commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing the foundational stage of education.