National Songs Competition

The City School Jinnah Campus commemorated  Pakistan’s Independence during the month of August and organised activities such as National Songs Singing and Debate competitions. The whole event was a reason to celebrate and look back on the rich history of Pakistan.

Held on 26 August at the Jinnah Campus, the national songs singing competition was organised to build confidence, to make the students share and exhibit their love for their country, and to hone their listening and presentational skills.  Patriotic songs are commonly regarded as an essential and healthy part of the school curriculum, encouraging loyalty, respect and ‘good citizenship’ in students.

The competition, arranged by O Level teacher Mr. Zeeshan Shah, was attended by citizens from all levels of the school.

The students assembled in the main grounds for the morning assembly and then the lively event started. Participants sang melodious patriotic songs and took turns to present their songs ranging from the old 60’s to the modern numbers. The audience cheered and waved Pakistan flags. The young vocalists sang their hearts out and expressed their immense love and affection for their country. The students loudly cheered the winners when the results were announced the following morning.

National Song

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