National Engineering Robotic Competition 2016

E-11 Campus Senior Section, Islamabad participated in the National Engineering Robotic Competition (NERC) 2016 organised on 13 April 2016. It is one of the largest engineering events in Pakistan and Class 8 and 9 students actively participated in it.

The three-day workshop comprised different modules, including:

  • LEGO Mindstorm
  • Mechanical Design, Advantages and Hacks
  • Programming through Block Diagram
  • Robot Virtual World


The ‘Gol Gappa’ group project, securing 1st position, consisted of:

  • Saim Ishtiaq (8-T)
  • Hassan Ali (8-T)


The ‘Papa’ group project, securing 2nd position in Robot Modelling, consisted of:

  • Zain Ali (9-T)
  • M Daniyal Jawad (9-T)
  • Shaheer Rauf (9-T)
  • Ali Class (9-M)


The ‘Aleena’ group consisted of:

  • Alina Aftab (9-C)
  • Amina Faisal (9-C)
  • Aleena Akhtar (9-C)

All the three groups brought laurels for the campus. Certificates were awarded to the winners.