Meeting the Spanish Ambassador

Meeting the Spanish Ambassador (4)

On 23 November 2015, the Awakener Magazine provided students with an opportunity to meet the Ambassador of Spain, His Excellency Mr Carlos Morales. Ten students from three reputable institutions were selected for this purpose, and The City School (TCS) was one of them. Fazeela Sheikh (Class 10) from E-11 Campus and Abdul Rahim (Class 5) from Capital Campus represented TCS. The students and teachers were warmly welcomed by the Consulate officials. They were very excited to meet the Spanish Ambassador, who arrived at 11:00 am sharp. The interview began with a formal introduction of the students, teachers and Heads. Fazeela and Abdul Rahim introduced themselves confidently and Abdul Rahim initiated the conversation by asking the first question. The interview was well-organised and each student got the opportunity to ask questions and shared their views.

The Ambassador briefly described the history and culture of Spain, including its architecture. He told that the people of Spain like to be surrounded by beauty and to them, shapes and symbols are very important. He also discussed the importance of heritage for any country and advised the students to take care of their national monuments. He praised Sufi music and the landscapes of the northern areas of Pakistan. The Ambassador expressed his fondness for Pakistani products, especially textile that is exported from Pakistan to Spain on a large scale. He pleasantly talked about his hobby that is to learn about the country he lives in. He admired Pakistani people for being very open and welcoming.
After the detailed discussion about Spain and Pakistan, he focused on the issue of education and its importance – especially for girls. He said that educating people is very important if you want your country to develop. He condemned child labour and encouraged the students to take their education seriously as they are the future of the country.
At the end, he expressed his hopes towards promoting more student exchange programmes between Pakistan and Spain. It was a very informative session, which ended with a photo session followed by Hi-Tea.

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